Cleaning structural joining surfaces effectively and efficiently

In order to save weight, an increasing number of assemblies used in the automotive industry today are made of plastic or lightweight metal which need to be glued together. The reliable pretreatment of the joining surfaces is a must, especially where structural components are concerned. This is where quattroClean comes into play. The climate-neutral technology has a number of advantages over other dry cleaning processes.

PaintExpo 2020 will Take Place

All signs indicate that PaintExpo will take place this year. The world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technologies will be held at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre with more than 500 national and international exhibitors from the 12th through the 15th of October, 2020. A comprehensive hygiene concept will ensure best possible safety for exhibitors and visitors. PaintExpo’s exhibition portfolio presents the world’s most extensive range of solutions for adapting wet painting, powder coating and coil coating processes to current requirements and aligning them to the future.

Trends, ideas and know-how for consistently clean parts

Coping effectively and efficiently with new and different challenges in parts cleaning is of ever more mission-critical importance for all manufacturers aiming to stay competitive. parts2clean puts them in touch with all the latest trends, solutions and expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition.

parts2clean supporting program: information, innovation and expertise

Properly cleaned parts and components are a basic requirement in every branch of industry today in order to ensure the integrity of downstream processes and trouble-free product functionality. parts2clean in Stuttgart highlights various options for optimizing processes. Special displays and a forum program also provide attendees with valuable information and expertise at the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning.

Component Quality Masters the Balancing Act

Many industrial sectors are currently undergoing future-oriented change. There can be no question that characteristics such as burr-free parts, surface finish and cleanliness have a decisive influence on component quality. As the only international trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surface finishing, DeburringEXPO presents corresponding offerings in a concentrated and comprehensive fashion which is unparalleled by any other event. The 3rd leading trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surface finishing, which will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 8 to 10 October 2019, will also provide valuable know-how at its bilingual expert forum.

Perfect Surfaces – Burr-Free, Clean and Precise

Whether they’re required for downstream manufacturing steps or for error-free functioning, surface characteristics are decisive with regard to part and product quality. Processes such as deburring and precision surface finishing are becoming more and more significant as a result – regardless of whether the parts are produced by means of erosion, forming, primary forming or additive manufacturing. DeburringEXPO, the world’s only trade fair which deals exclusively with the removal of burrs and the production of precision surface finishes, will be held at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 8th through the 10th of October, 2019. Beyond this, the supplementary program including theme parks covering the issues of the “Sheet Metal Deburring Process Sequence”, “AM Parts Finishing” and “Cleaning After Deburring”, as well as the bilingual expert forum, will offer specialised knowledge and know-how that’s unavailable anywhere else in such a compact form.

PaintExpo 2020 with Strong Demand for Booth Locations

Just a few months after the seventh edition of the world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technologies closed – which achieved new record-breaking numbers with regard to exhibitors, visitors and internationalism – firm bookings for booth floor space at PaintExpo 2020 have already been submitted by 304 companies from 19 countries. At a current level of 124,000 square feet (11.536 square meters), net exhibition floor space already amounts to more than 74% of the level reached at the last event. This is a strong indication that the upcoming PaintExpo will once again be larger than ever before.

DeburringEXPO 2019 – Strong Demand for Booth Floor Space

Roughly one year before DeburringEXPO opens its doors for the third time, more than 70 companies have already made firm bookings for their booth floor space. This is a strong indication of growth for the trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing, which will be held in Karlsruhe from the 8th through the 10th of October, 2019. Even greater attention will be focused at the upcoming event on the optimisation of deburring processes for sheet-metal components and additively manufactured parts, as well as parts cleaning after deburring. Added value will be provided by the DeburringEXPO expert forum which is in great demand as a source of knowledge and will offer simultaneously interpreted (German<> English), highly practical presentations.

parts2clean supporting program: extensive know-how and added value for future-oriented parts cleaning

Lightweight construction, changing manufacturing and coating technologies, new materials and material combinations, the digitization of production, electromobility and autonomous vehicles – these trends are putting pressure on manufacturers to clean parts and surfaces to ever higher standards.

New name but established quality

New cleaning challenges to be addressed at parts2clean 2017

It’s the same for the car industry, the component supply industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, aviation, precision engineering and microengineering, optics, electronics and many other sectors of modern industry: The purpose of industrial parts cleaning is to ensure the necessary degree of cleanliness required for subsequent processing operations, or for the long-term, trouble-free functioning of the given part or component.

Strong Demand for Booth Locations at PaintExpo 2018

Although it is only been seven months since PaintExpo 2016 closed with record breaking results, promoters FairFair GmbH are already able to report lively demand for exhibition floor space at the upcoming, leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology: at the beginning of November 2016, 170 companies had already made firm bookings for their booth locations at PaintExpo from the 17th through the 20th of April, 2018. With roughly 75,000 square feet, net exhibition floor space already amounts to more than 50% of the level reached at the last event. And thus for PaintExpo 2018, booth floor space offerings will be significantly increased.

The new ASCOJET 608 convinced visitors at K 2016

ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD presented its expanded range of ASCOJET dry ice blasting units and thus the new ASCOJET 608 for the very first time ever at K 2016, 19 to 26 October in Duesseldorf, Germany. The new dry ice unit is the smallest and handiest in the ASCOJET portfolio.

ASCO presents its new dry ice blasting machine at K 2016

ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD is always striving to optimise its ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology especially with regard to optimal use in the plastics and rubber industry. With this in mind, ASCO presents its new dry ice blasting machine ASCOJET 608 at K 2016 in Duesseldorf (hall 1 / CO2) for the first time ever to the visitors.

PaintExpo Headed for Record-Breaking Numbers

Roughly 4 months remain before PaintExpo opens its doors for the 6th time. But it’s already becoming apparent that the world’s leading trade fair for coating technology will be bigger than ever in 2016. With more than 135,000 square feet, overall net exhibition floor space has already exceeded the level achieved at the 2014 event. The exhibition programme covers the areas of liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating from pre-treatment right on up to quality control and packaging. The 6th PaintExpo will take place at the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe from the 19th through the 22nd of April, 2016.

parts2clean 2016

Regardless of whether the cleaning task at hand is highly complex or fairly simple, the cleanliness of surfaces and components and the removal of all contaminants is a critical factor for the quality of subsequent processing steps, and indeed of the finished product. Consequently, the demand for cleaning solutions that are efficient, sustainable and produce consistently reliable results is on the rise around the globe. parts2clean – which takes place in Stuttgart – has built an international reputation as an unparalleled source of all the necessary solutions and expertise.

PaintExpo Eurasia Distinguished by Quality and Quantity

“PaintExpo Eurasia is developing very well and has become more professional this year” – this is the conclusion arrived at by nearly all of the exhibitors at the third trade fair for industrial coating technology. Its representative offerings throughout the entire process sequence for liquid painting and powder coating drew 2446 visitors to the 3rd trade fair for industrial coating technology. They came to the event with a great need for information and numerous projects. For the exhibitors, this resulted in high-quality leads and concrete business transactions.

PaintExpo Eurasia

Ever stricter quality requirements, the trend towards individualisation, larger production volumes and rising cost pressure – these are just a few of the challenges being faced by companies with in-house painting operations. And they can only be mastered if existing painting and coating processes are consistently optimised. Appropriate solutions will be presented by the exhibitors at the 3rd PaintExpo Eurasia at the Expo Center Istanbul (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi) from the 15th through the 17th of October, 2015. And thus visiting the trade fair for industrial coating technology will make an important contribution to maintaining and sharpening one’s competitive edge at the national and international levels.

Professional cleaning of castings

During the upcoming trade fair GIFA, AGTOS will show the foundry industry current concepts of shot blasting technology. As far as the machines are concerned, a complete shot blasting plant will be shown which is also suitable for the treatment of aluminium parts. This machine requires a relatively small floor area and is characterised by a low loading height. The loading and unloading process can be carried out both manually and fully automatically.

BLECH Russia 2015 attracts leading sheet metal firms

BLECH Russia 2015, the 4th International Exhibition for sheet metal working, successfully took place at St Petersburg’s ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre from 25 to 27 March.

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